The Orb is Your Fate

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Your Path is the Orb

You are the Orb's protector, and the Orb's light is yours. Survive and master over 60 puzzles while avoiding the shadows caused by your partner and the environment.

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Ra Deluxe Edition

Uncover the Secrets

New adventures await you with the Deluxe Edition of Mørkredd, Ra.


With Expansion


The Orb Welcomes You to Øde

Head to a new playground level and spend some quality time with the Orb. Face new challenges that will put your mind, body, and spirit to the test. You might even make some fun memories together along the way.

There's also skins, hats, and screen filters—'cause why not?

ØDE to Orb

ØDE is norwegian for desolate. That's a hint towards the challenges that await in this additional level. Also feel free to write an Ode to ØDE—the Orb would like that.

Personalize the Orb

Unlock cosmetic skins for the Orb, screen filters, and every gamer's favorite feature: hats for the characters.

Reshape the Orb

Change shape of the Orb from sphere to dodecahedron, eggggg, or an eyeball! Wait...that's not how you spell egg? Is it?

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Available Now on Xbox and Steam